Essay #1

Informative or Argumentative Essay
What Effects Does Technology Have on Individuals and Society?

(500-800 words) Use textual evidence from multiple sources to support and explain your analysis.

Source #1 Is Technology Making Us Stupid (and Smarter)
Quote #1 “Life has become more complex, but we hardly ever notice it because technology has made complexity simpler than ever.”

Quote #2 “people who are able to keep up with technology will outsmart those who don’t (even more than they do now). Therefore, educators, parents and employers should try to foster an appetite for complexity, a curious and hungry mind, especially when it comes to paying attention to technological advances.”

Source #2 Is technology making us dumber or smarter?
Source #3 Is Technology Making Us Smarter?
Source #4 The 21st Century Child: Increased Technology Use May Lead to Future Eye Health and Vision Issues

Effects of Technology on Childre