Essay #5


Students are to develop a 5-8 -paragraph informative/explanatory essay that must include evidence from the text in order to support their analysis. 

Option 1: Explain Frederick Douglass’s Perspective on American Freedom.

Option 2: Explain different aspects of Frederick Douglass’s life as a slave, former slave, and learner.

Paragraph 1 – Provide a thesis statement that includes the following: Story’s title, author’s name, genre, narrative style, the purpose of the source, and the subject of the story. Give a brief intro about the piece. 

Paragraph 2 – Explain how society was for Fredrick Douglas before emancipation.

Paragraph 3 – How did Fredrick Douglas learn to read and learn about his generation?

Paragraph 4 – How did the author’s life change once he learned to read?

Paragraph 5 – How does the author show that he is motivated and is an independent and reflective thinker?

Paragraph 6 – What statements does the author make that show internal conflict, growth, or state of being? How does that help him become free? 

Paragraph 7 – How does Fredrick Douglas’ life compare to today’s 8th graders? What is different and what is the same? Why? What does the author do that many Middle Schoolers have yet to learn?

Option 3: How does Fredrick Douglas’ degree of resilience, motivation, passion, resourcefulness compare to today’s Middle Schoolers at Charles Drew? Who is better off, today’s teenagers or Fredrick Douglas as a slave and then a former slave in his generation?

Option 4: Explain the meaning behind American freedom today using the life of Frederick Douglass, justice for all and your personal experiences.